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    2Pai Semiconductor (Shanghai) Co. Ltd,which is a Chinese company,converges on design-ing world-leading high-performance analog integrated circuits. So far nlxxx and n2xxx products in the digital isolator series have been released,and the overall performance of these products is far better than the market peer products. For example, the maximum data rate of 2Pai's product is 4 times faster than peer products,the supply current is 5 times lower,and the propagation delay is 1. 6 times lower.nlxxx and n2xxx series of 2Pai Semi fill the gap in the digital isolators field in China,and the application range of the isolator is greatly expanded.

    2Pai Semi focuses on developing digital isolators,including basic isolators,isolated trans-ceivers,isolated drivers and isolated voltage sources,and current sensors. So far the company has applied for 17 global patents in the field of isolation.

    Intelligent voltage divider (iDivider) technology,which was invented and patented by 2Pai Semi,is a kind of digital isolator technology. By applying the principle of capacitor divider,the voltage signal is transmitted from one side of the capacitor to the other side with out the help of RF signal and modulation and demodulation.iDivider technology promotes the advantages of other isolation technology,such as opto-coupler of Opto-isolators,icoupler,ook technology,and improves the disadvantages of other isolator technologies.iDivider technology is a more essencial and more concise technology.iDivider simplifies the circuit,reduces the power,speeds up,enhances the anti_interference ability,and reduces noise.

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