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    Rpsemi offers a bunch of interface devices for common protocols, including isolated CAN, isolated 485 and isolated I2C based on iDivider technology, as well as non-isolated CAN transceivers with outstanding performance characteristics and reliability.

    I2C Isolator

    π22xNx1 is I2C bidirectional open-drain output isolator with enhanced ESD capability and high voltage isolation via silicon dioxide barriers. The advantages of these products are low power consumption and fast speed.


    CAN Isolator

    The series integrate high-speed CAN transceivers and dual channel digital isolator with data rates up to 1Mbps. Isolated CAN transceivers help simplify system design and improve system reliability.


    485 Isolator

    There are two types isolation 485 includig half duplex and full duplex based on unique iDivider technology. Rpsemi isolated 485 has the characteristics of high electromagnetic immunity and low radiation, greatly reducing the area of the board, improve the system dependability.


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    I2C Isolator
    Part Number Total Channel Amount SCL Max Data Rate Fail-safe output state Isolation Voltage AC/Surge Package AEC-Q100 Document
    π220N31 2 Bidirectional 2MHz OPEN AC3000Vrms Surge5000V NB SOIC-8 Download

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